“ I C E A ”   is the government approved Indonesia coffee association, wich established on October 14, 2011 and  backed-up by a good number of well-managed Coffee Exporters.


  • Preserve and make coffee as one of the reliable  agribusiness  export  icons,
  • Strengthen competitiveness and improve the quality of coffee production, build a prosperous society for all businesses, particularly in the areas of good coffee from upstream to downstream,
  • Encourage the growth of the national coffee to contribute to  the economy and foreign exchange revenue.


  1. Improve the quality of Indonesian coffee export along the market-chain,  from the farmers, traders, exporters, to the processing industry.
  2. Improve the ability of members to be coffee entrepreneurs and skilled professionals.
  3. Maintain a better relation with relevant parties in the field of coffee bussiness both nationally and internationally.
  4. Execute organization based on a sense of kinship and mutual assistance of an independent,  professional and knowledgeable.  In order to be a unifying forum for entrepreneurs in the field  of coffee business both nationally and internationally.

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