GAEKI Declaration on 15 September 2011

ICEA established in Surabaya and be domiciled in jurisdictions all over Indonesia. Statuta ICEA made by Notary Machmud Fauzi, SH, Surabaya in Deed  No.5, dated October 14, 2011, in accordance Staatsblaad No.1870. 64 & approval as a legal entity by  the Ministry of Justice & Human Rights Decree Nr. AHU-210.AH.01.06., dated December 2, 2011.


Announcement of the State Nr. 103 On December 27, 2011. SK BADAN HUKUM GAEKI


Purpose & Objective :

Intent and purpose of the Society is the field of socio-cultural and humanitarian cooperation in the coffee business is taft, professional and highly competitive. In order contributing to the national coffee in particular and national economic development and welfare in generally.

Main Activity :

Activities of this association are:

  • Nurture, guide and develop the skills of business and professional members;
  • Provide advocation for members;
  • Assist the Government efforts in improving the knowledge and skills of farmers and other entrepreneurs in the field of coffee;
  • Provide to governments and other institutions, as a sugestion for the coffee policy;
  • Establish and develop cooperation with other agencies / institutions in the field of coffee both within and outside the State.

Kinds of Programs & Benefits :

Enhancement the coffee business skills by Training of  Members, Workshop and Seminar, Comparative  Study, Promotion, Research and Development.

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