Regulation of Exports

Regulation of Coffee Exports from Indonesia.

Coffee is one of the regulated export commodities export trade system, which includes the Indonesian Customs Tariff Book HS Numbers 09:01 and 21:01.
Indonesian exporters can export coffee accordance with the regulations of Indonesia Minister Number 10/M-Dag/Per/5/2011 which come into force since May 3, 2011. The regulation is the Amendment to Regulation Of The Minister Of Trade Number 41/M-Dag/Per/9/2009.
1. Coffee exports can only be done by a company that has been recognized as a Registered Exporter of Coffee (ETK) and Exporters of Coffee Meantime (EKS) The Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Trade.
2. In every coffee exports should also be equipped with Coffee Export Approval (SPEK). Spek is a letter of approval for exporting coffee to all destinations issued by the Department which is responsible for trade in Province / Regency / City. SPEK can also be used for the shipment of export ports throughout Indonesia.
3. In addition, coffee is exported shall be in accordance with the quality standards established by the Minister of Commerce and must be accompanied by a Certificate of Origin (COO) / SKA Form ICO, the certificate that is used as a document accompanying the goods (coffee) exported from Indonesia, which prove that the goods (coffee) that is produced and / or processed in Indonesia.

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